EA Sports servers up, but my follicle count is down. Way down.

I just noticed that the EA Servers were up and running so I decided to pick up where I last left off with Tiger Woods. When I bought the game for my Xbox 360, I wanted to take advantage of the photo upload feature for the Game Face, but the servers were hammered for weeks. The process was relatively painless: take and upload a front photo and an optional side photo. Optionally, you can take the photos locally with an Xbox Live Vision camera, but I never saw the need for one. Once the photos are uploaded to the EA Servers, you can make some minor adjustments before saving. After that, your mug is available on your XBox 360 console via the Internet. Very seamless.

When the photos appear on your console, you simply use markers to point out where your eyes are, nose, chin, that sort of thing. Think of the markers as the ping-pong balls on those black bodysuits used to capture human movement into a computer. After that, the photos are processed over a 10 to 20 minute span where you get funny little status updates like this:


Your facial features are the only things to get imported in, so I now know what I’ll look like when my bleached-out hair goes away. The bald me is after the jump as are some in-game pics with the new me. I wisely wore a hat in the game until I realized I could add hair later. 😉

Is this Kevin in twenty years?


Head down. Check. Feet in position. Check….


Hold that pose after the shot…