The GigaOM Show: Microsoft’s Dan’l Lewin, Marc Andreessen & More

In the latest episode, we chat with Microsoft’s Dan’l Lewin (corporate vice president, strategic and emerging business development) and talks candidly about this role within Microsoft and how his company is looking to work with other Silicon Valley companies. Lewin gives us insight to Microsoft’s future involvement with Facebook and what his role is in cultivating technology from conception to execution.

Download Episode 11 in MPEG, Windows Media or Xvid formats.

In last week’s episode we caught up with The Endgadget Boys, Marc Andreessen co-founder of Ning and David Sacks of Geni at the TechCrunch 40 conference. The interviews are edited and packaged for you as both me and Joyce hit the road to bring some new interesting stuff for the show.

(Download it here in MPEG, Windows Media or Xvid formats.)

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