Google: How High Can It Go?

Google (GOOG) crossed the $600-a-share threshold today, giving it a market capitalization of around $188.1 billion. The big questions is, how high can it go? $750, $1,000 or (shudder) $2,000 a share?

Here is what $188 billion buys you:

* 3,133 Gulfstream G550 jets a $60 million a pop. Basically one for anyone with the title “manager” who works for Google.

* A whole lotta media companies: the New York Times Co. (NYT) ($2.86 billion), Reuters (RTRSY) ($16.5 billion), CBS (CBS) ($23 billion), Viacom (VIA) ($28 billion), News Corp. (NWS.A), ($71.5 billion) and Yahoo (YHOO) ($35 billion) — with money left over for buying Facebook at Zuckbuck-prices.

* 940K Virgin Galactic tickets.

* Round-trip tickets to Mars for Larry and Sergey, inflation adjusted, of course.

* The country of Ireland ($190 billion), to be renamed (B)Goog-org. Larry & Sergey can be the royal leprechauns.