Twitter Planning Mobile Ads?

Cnet blogger Caroline McCarthy is suggesting that Twitter is planning to generate revenue with ads attached to messages sent to mobile phones, based on her own experience. When a friend received a tweet (Twitter message) from her on his mobile phone he noticed “a “tip” below my “tweet,” utilizing the remaining characters of the text message length allocation to say “Wow, you look good.”. It’s a pretty shaky premise to go from there to advertising, but I can’t think of any other reason Twitter would add that.

The Guardian has a different take, claiming that Twitter will seek revenue through “branded channels, so companies like Woot would pay to reach those very valuable, loyal users”. There is no reason they won’t try both, although the Guardian quotes founder Ev Williams as saying: “Rather than attach advertising to a personal communication channel…we want to make it a benefit so that there are people or entities you want to follow. We think those things have potential, so as the userbase grows we’ll flesh out which of those things work and the business model and revenue will fit in.”