Apple’s Web 2.0 App Plans

Apple (NSDQ: AAPL) is planning to launch a directory of official Web 2.0 iPhone applications, an anonymous source told AppleInsider. Apparently “Apple representatives have been tracking down authors of Web-based iPhone apps and asking them to submit official screenshots, icons, web addresses and descriptions of their applications to the company”, with the developers being sworn to secrecy. 9to5mac has the same news from a different angle — they found a link to in Apple’s “recent downloads RSS feed”, and commented “Apple’s web team is gearing up to put the iPhone applications built with the Web 2.0 “SDK” on their new software page that will function in much the same way as the current software downloads page. In fact, it is likely that the two pages will be integrated”. Apple isn’t the first off the block as an aggregator of iPhone apps, but it doesn’t really have to be.

Other rumors have major developers working with Apple on applications that will be sold through iTunes.