@ Mipcom: GooTube ‘Not Killing TV’, Prefers Storyline Over Screen Resolution

So says Google (NSDQ: GOOG)/YouTube’s head of video partnerships Patrick Walker, speaking on a panel: “Is the internet killing television? The answer is ‘no’ – we have seen for the last four decades the primary medium for brand advertisers has been television. Now … as you add quantifiable accountability and interactivity, we will see the shift over time to the internet.”

So what’s the best way to monetise those newly quantifiable ads? Walker is now placing more bets on Google’s recently-introduced overlay format than pre-roll clips: “Think about when you’re watching television – if, every time you changed channel, you had to watch another ad… that’s not terribly effective.”

Just as platforms like Joost, Brightcove, Babelgum et al concentrate on increasing playback quality, don’t YouTube’s grainy clips leave it behind? Walker: “Don’t get me wrong – HD is great. But what YouTube has known is it’s about the idea. The most viewed clip ever on YouTube is called The Evolution Of Dance, which looks like shit from a quality perspective – but it’s funny.” He said YouTube had gone from zero to over 250 formal content producer relationships in Europe since March.