Facebook Traffic Tanks – This can’t be real?


comScore is about to issue September 2007 user engagement and page views data, and it seems like the SVFurby, I mean Facebook unique visitors took a little dip. See the little decline on the red line. I can’t exactly tell how many and how accurate the data is, but it looks like a dip. [digg=http://digg.com/software/Facebook_Traffic_Tanks_This_can_t_benreal]

I just got the spread sheet and there seems to be a 9.3% decline in their unique visitors from 33.75 million in August 2007 to 30.6 million in September 2007. Even their page views are down 3.8% from August 2007. (See chart.) The only company with worse performance: Classmates.com which has filed to go public. Its unique visitors tanked 19.8%.


Why would that happen to both Facebook ahead of back-to-school season? It just doesn’t make any sense! Unless of course, the unthinkable is happening. I hope to chat with FB tomorrow and get more on this.

Update: In the light of the current data, the recent funding attempts by Facebook become even more important. Kara Swisher is reporting that Yahoo is not quite out of the picture as an investor.

But sources says Yahoo is seriously considering making a major investment in Facebook. Such a move would be bold for the typically cautious Yahoo, which bungled an attempt to buy Facebook entirely for a bit over $1 billion last year (some say $1.6 billion, but I am told the issue had to do with actually reaching a number just over $1 billion).