Leaving Google in Search of Act II

[qi:026] It shouldn’t come as a surprise: some of the early Googlers who have cashed in their millions and are looking for new challenges are hitting the escape button. We wrote about this pending exodus a while back. Some of them are leaving to start their own companies, a trend that seems to be gaining momentum.

My venture capital sources are telling me there’s been a sharp increase in the number of business plans crossing their desks with Googlers as founding teams. With Google (GOOG) stock being where it is, and Google continuing to pay top dollar for startups, it makes sense to play Sand Hill Road Roulette.

However, a few Google employees are changing zip codes and defecting to Facebook. My ex-boss, Josh Quittner, who is back to being a reporter, has this piece on yet another recent high-profile defection.

Benjamin Ling, a high-ranking engineer described by Google watchers as one of “Larry and Sergey’s golden boys” has defected—to Facebook.

For folks like Ling, the lure of a pretty young thing like Facebook is too much to resist. Of course, there is little downside if you have Googillions in your bank account. So what if Facebook turns out to be Fakebook!