Mozilla’s mobile plans outlined: are Pocket IE’s days numbered?

Mozilla_logo_lizardWhile we’ve heard bits and pieces of Mozilla’s mobile plans in the past, today brings us the most defined overview yet. Listed out are the reasons why Mozilla will push heavily into mobile devices and what they plan to deliver: well worth the read. What’s interesting to me is the several mentions of Intel; when you pair that up with the recent Intel talk of MIDs, well… let’s just say the handwriting’s on the wall here for a strategic partnership.

Mozilla plans to expand the mobile development team and will be taking the mobile experience into account much more prominently going forward. In fact, when they ship Mobile Firefox, you can expect support for Firefox extensions and synchronized bookmarks / history between Firefox on the desktop and your mobile device. Will this finally give the Pocket IE team a little nudge to beef up their app or is it a lost cause against an open source competitor? Remember Minimo?