Weekend Reader

Google buys…Jaiku? – Yep, while many people were expecting the big G to pick up social presence and micro-blogging service Twitter, they fooled everyone by acquiring competitor Jaiku instead. Google is, as usual, being cagy about their plans. Meanwhile, previous Google acquisition Dodgeball continues to languish as an also-ran.

Rate your employer – That’s the premise of Revyr, a new Web 2.0-ish site designed to help people make better career choices by letting them see what other folks thing of potential employers. Now in open beta.

Nice work if you can get it – All the employees of software firm Red Swoosh spent six weeks working on a beach in Thailand to get a different viewpoint on things. Some folks may think this takes “thinking out of the box” to extremes, but for a properly mobile web worker, it’s just business as usual, right?

More ammo for arguments – If you’re still trying to convince that pesky boss to let you work from home, try crusing the Telework Exchange site. They’ve got everything from savings calculators to press releases to studies that knock down common myths about telework, all designed to help you get out of the office and into that remote working situation you’ve been dreaming of.

Be nice to your thumbs – Sign up at TextAway.com and you can use your computer’s full-sized keyboard to send and receive SMS text messages. They also tie into your email and mobile phone, and the service is free.