NewTeeVee Live Update: Schedule & Speakers

For past few months, the entire GigaOM team led by Liz Gannes & Joey Wan has been busy pulling together NewTeeVee Live, our first conference, which is slotted to take place on November 14 in San Francisco. We posted the schedule and the speaker list on the site on Friday.

We have a few slots to fill in the lineup, as well as tweaks and fine tuning, mostly depending on confirmations from PR representatives of people we’ve asked to participate. One thing I would like to point out that while there have been a lot of different video conferences this year, each one is unique (or different) in its own way.

The difference is editorial focus of the event, just like each blog or a publication has a different take on the story. So when someone does an event, both Liz and I go out and support their editorial vision, either as moderators or as reporters. All these events are helping the online video industry’s evolution.

My editorial vision for NewTeeVee is that it tries to present coverage of content, community and conduits in a coherent and easy-to-digest manner. To present the economic cause-and-effect of each innovation or industry development is our credo.

Liz and I have put together a schedule that promises to be a ton of fun, explores questions about the business of online video, and exposes and where the opportunities are for content creators, communities and conduit owners.

If you have been a reader of NewTeeVee, you might be recognize that many of our panels have evolved from a particular post on NewTeeVee. With the conference, we will move some of our most interesting online conversations forward in a different venue.

We understand that the dynamism of the online video sector can’t be bottled into a single one-day event. We hope to learn this year, and next year we will have an expanded event. Meanwhile, for those of you who are not able to attend in person, we are going to webcast the entire day via Mogulus, including some on-the-spot interviews with attendees and speakers by my GigaOM Show co-host Joyce Kim. We are also trying to add more online video elements and will keep you posted.

Hopefully you can join us.