Is Yahoo Gaining in the Search-Ad Biz?

[qi:044] Apparently the answer is…yes! According to a study by SearchIgnite and investment bank RBC Capital Markets:

While marketer spend increased quarter over quarter by 1.8 percent, marketers in the third quarter were apt to put their increased budget in Yahoo. Spending on Yahoo increased by 7.8 percent from Q2 to Q3 while Google only increased 0.8 percent, reversing previous trends.

One way to look at this: Google (GOOG) has a much larger market share, hence slower growth. Yahoo (YHOO) is still trying to make a comeback from a smaller base. Nevertheless, it seems as though the Yahoo team might be doing something right — and fixing what is broken.

Yahoo was able to increase its share of total search media spend to 20.4 percent in Q3, up from 18.5 percent in Q2, marking the first reversal in share since the initial February uptick related to Panama. Google’s CPC remained flat and eCPM (revenue per thousand impressions) fell between August and September despite a new algorithm change in late August that was intended to increase the price of bidding for first position.

Maybe this will save some VP-level jobs at Yahoo when Jerry does some housecleaning.