Surj Patel Joins GigaOM Team

[qi:033] It has been 16 months since I left my job at Business 2.0 (may it rest in peace) to start a company, that I dreamed off for most of my life. The idea was a simple one: reinvent media business, remix it for the 21st century and infuse it with ethos of high quality journalism – the kind I learned from fine editors at, Red Herring, Business 2.0 and many other publications.

Our journey began with the web equivalent of an acorn, GigaOM, from which I hoped an oak would grow. I made mistakes, learned from them, and when all failed, I turned to you, my community and sought your counsel. As the sapling started to put down roots, and tiny leaves started to sprout, I realized that we needed a constant gardener. So we brought in Paul, who in first two months has taught me how to dream big. Mike joined hands to bring some of his sales magic. Carolyn joined to reign in the editorial chaos.

Today , I am thrilled to announce another key addition to the team: Surj Patel. He joins us as Vice President of Development.

Surj is known to many of our readers, especially those who have roots in the telecom and broadband industry. He used to run Etel conference for O’Reilly Media. He has done long stints at French mobile operator, Orange and the BBC. A cheerful, go-getter, Surj has been a believer in our little company from get go, and has ideas that will help with our evolution into a new kind of a media company – one that not just informs but reinvents our business.

As an alumnus of MIT Media Lab, Surj has been foreseeing the future of media long before all of us. He is going to incorporate some of those ideas into our ever evolving business. Our mission for next 12 months is to start engaging our community of readers, learning from them and applying their consolidate intelligence to our editorial with new formats. Please join me in welcoming Surj to our fast growing family.

PS: Andy Abramson got wind of it before everyone else. The man knows how to work the phones.