Motorola’s CMO On New Brands, Content And Advertising On Mobile

A Q&A with Kenneth “Casey” Keller, the CMO of Motorola, in Advertising Age sheds some light on where Motorola (NYSE: MOT) might be heading next in terms of targeting the consumer market in the years to come:

Devices and brands: The backdrop here is that Motorola is still looking for a suitable blockbuster to follow up after the huge success of the Razr several seasons ago. But Keller says that the next big thing might not be a device per se (without mentioning Nokia’s (NYSE: NOK) Ovi, or what impact a Google (NSDQ: GOOG) or Yahoo (NSDQ: YHOO) might have in mobile, of course): “The mobile-wireless environment is going to create a whole new set of brands — brands around devices, brands around the experiences, and also brands around the way people are connecting and researching on the Internet. You’ll see new brands around this mobile world, hopefully some from Motorola, because we are thinking about creating distinct brand experiences underneath the parent brand Motorola in the mobile space in the future.”

Content: Keller says Motorola wants to extend its well-received Moto Music service, originally developed for China, into other markets, but he admits that one of the most lucrative may be out of its reach: “In the U.S. our operator-carrier partners have been trying to develop their own services and their own experiences. We work closely with them to make sure we can enable those experiences on the devices.” (In China, Motorola was able to take advantage of the carnage left by music piracy and develop itself effectively into a music distributor; it was supported by the labels because it gave them more control over the product. Moto Music has had picked up “millions of subscribers,” says Keller.)

Advertising: Not a particularly original or pithy comment, considering the position of the man making it and the publication it’s intended for: “The bottom line is people would be willing to take advertising content on the mobile phone if it is not intrusive or interfering with the experience they are having on the device. Over time, advertising models will develop and will be effective.”