Google Docs is one step closer to mobility

GoogledocsmobileThe good news is that you can access Google Docs on a handheld, but as in all things "beta", it’s not yet ready for prime time. I just pointed my iPhone browser to and I see a listing of the few docs I’ve previously created. Two of them are spreadsheets and one is a text file; I also see Folders and Trash. On my iPhone all three of the docs are viewable, but none are editable at this point. Still, this could be useful to access a read-only copy of a spreadsheet or document while on the road. In fact, one of my spreadsheets is an informal cash-flow / budget listing. I might not be able to update it while I’m out shopping, but I can easily see if I’ve hit my budget in a particular area. Let’s see: the "gadgets" category has a wee bit more room in it… maybe it’s time for a Best Buy trip!

(via Steve Rubel’s tweet)