Nokia N810 Internet Tablet with QWERTY is peeped!

Nokian810Internet Tablet Talk has official images of the soon-to-be-announced Nokia N810 Internet Tablet. We’ll have to wait for the official announcement to see what new mobile goodness is in the handheld, but you can see the most obvious change: the slideout QWERTY keyboard. I also noticed that the old pop-out camera of the N800 was moved to a more integrated spot. One disadvantage is that you can’t rotate the camera around like you used to be able to, but that means one of two things: either Nokia determined that folks didn’t use the device to take pictures or that there’s a second camera on the back. I suspect more of the former is true: the camera was likely used more for video calling based on the relatively low resolution. Also, since the model number is 810, which is incrementally higher than the old number, my guess is that this is really an incrementally changed model, i.e.: no other major feature changes, no WiMAX, etc… More to follow, and ITT has plenty more pics to peep!