New Flickr UI with Geotagging is Very Impressive

Flickr has long been a darling of photo lovers, primarily for its minimalist (and intuitive) user interface. However, with over a billion photos, Stewart Butterfield, cofounder of the Yahoo-owned photo service, it is becoming hard to find stuff, and it is time for a new user experience revolving around the concept of discovery.

Search, while it works well on Flickr, needs to be replaced by discovery, he said earlier today while showing off the new UI for service — one that marries serendipity with a map-like user interface and lets the eyes discover the “most interesting.” Yahoo (YHOO) is particularly bullish on geotagging, and the new Flickr interface is a good testimonial.

To me it is a very subtle attempt by Flickr to evolve from an enthusiast service to a visually delightful destination. I captured the demo and Stewart’s thoughts on my newly acquired Sanyo Xacti. Pardon the grainy and shaky images.