GigaOM Picks: 10 Gaming Blogs For Your Reader

[qi:012] These sites, in alphabetical order, offer food for thought with posts that will widen your perspective on the interaction of business and design in games, particularly in the realm of casual gaming.

1. Brinking by Nabeel Hyatt. Nabeel is a serial entrepreneur, currently co-founder of Conduit Labs. He shares insights into the intersection of virtual worlds and social web space.

2. Game Tycoon by Dave Edery. Dave manages the worldwide portfolio of games for Xbox Live, and is a research affiliate at MIT’s Comparative Media Studies Program. His blog ranges over a variety of game-related topics, but often considers the future of game development and distribution.

3. Games*Design*Art*Culture by Greg Costikyan. Greg is no-holds-barred and always smart and funny, although you may find yourself in vehement disagreement. [digg=]

4. Guardian UK Games by Aleks Krotoski. The most mainstream-friendly on this list, Aleks covers games from cultural and consumer perspectives.

5. Jay Is Games by Jay Bibby. Jay and his writers post links to new casual games with thorough write-ups, including reviews and walkthroughs.

6. Kim Pallister by Kim Pallister. Kim works on strategy for Microsoft’s casual games division. His writing is sharp and often provocative.

7. Lost Garden by Daniel Cook. Dan explores his own game design ideas as well as the product development. His most well-known article is Nintendo’s Genre Innovation Strategy.

8. Ozymandias by Andre Vrignaud. Andre is another smart Microsoft guy sizing up the competition with interesting posts on the PS3 and the Wii as well as on the future of digital distribution, trends in gaming behavior, and games research.

9. Water Cooler Games by Ian Bogost. The author of Persuasive Games writes about serious games – games with a purpose.

10. Zen of Design by Damion Schubert. Damion is a designer at BioWare Austin, where he’s working on their unannounced MMO. He writes about MMO design decisions and the landscape of MMO development.

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