Big Media vs. YouTube & Google: Smart or Not?

[qi:032] It is becoming increasingly obvious: Big media companies (content owners) are lining up against YouTube & Google (GOOG), and are coming up with their own strategies for online video. Today, NBC (GE) confirmed to NewTeeVee that it pulled its content off YouTube in a shift towards its own service, a joint venture with News Corp. (NWS) called Hulu.

Last week, after Google launched a new way to identify and prevent copyright infringement, a newly formed coalition said it had come up with its own anti-piracy proposals. There is a clearly fear of Google on the part of large content companies, while at the same time, a desire to build their own online video properties.

It is no surprise that NBC, Viacom (VIA) and others are taking this inward-looking approach. For decades they have married their content to their distribution channels via traditional cable and satellite television. Their approach is merely an extension of that paradigm — though one I don’t necessarily agree with.

It is my belief that these companies are in the business of content, not distribution. Offering their content on their own properties may give them a lift in terms of page views, but at the same time they also run the risk of losing the audience that simply seeks out such content on sites such as YouTube. (I am not even going to touch the fact that this will be yet another place where we will go looking for videos.)

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