Sandy Remembers So You Don’t Have To

Sandy thumbnailWho’s Sandy? The persona behind I Want Sandy, the latest application from Values of n, the folks who created Stikkit (which we’re written about before). Sandy functions as your personal email assistant, monitoring any email that you send to her or cc her on, and tracking reminders, contacts, and appointments for you. If you’re the sort of web worker who lives in email, the result is a very low friction way to offload a lot of the details of life until you’re ready for them.

After the signup process (right now, you’ll have to wait in the beta queue for a bit before you get your account), you’ll be assigned your own personal email address for Sandy (which you can customize). You’ll want to spend a few minutes on the web site customizing things like your timezone and your mobile phone number. Then you can put Sandy to work by sending her some email.

For example, tell Sandy “Remind me meeting with Joe Tuesday 3pm” and you’ll get an email and an SMS text message on your phone at 2:45 on Tuesday reminding you about your meeting. “Remind take out trash Weds @weekly” results in weekly messages every Wednesday in your daily digest. If you cc Sandy on a message to someone else, just address her by name: “Sandy, remind me to meet Jim for coffee next Friday at 10AM”.

In the latter case, Sandy will also keep track of Jim as a contact, and send offer to send him a reminder as well. There are customization options for how to deal with contacts. Sandy also builds vcards for contacts and ics files for reminders and sends them back to you, making it easy to go from email to address book to calendar with many other applications. Sandy also tracks miscellaneous information (“Remember parking space 1255 @airport” will produce a tagged note that you can look up on the web site or retrieve by email) and lets you archive things or set them up as todos (so she’ll gently nag you) as well.

All in all, the combination of email, web, SMS, and “smarts” works very well. If you’ve been struggling to find a to-do list that you like (or looking for a personal assistant that you can afford), give I Want Sandy a try.