Nokia: Launches SEEK And Trials Journalist Service With Reuters

Nokia (NYSE: NOK) today held a confab at its research HQ in Finland where it went through some of its work to extend its mobile services and content reach, and it also issued some announcements on other new services:

SEEK: Nokia launched SEEK, the third element of its MOSH social networking platform. The service allows MOSH users to post messages to each other looking for certain pieces of content, applications or information. SEEK now resides alongside the uploading and downloading services Nokia launched earlier this year. Nokia claims that since the beta launch on August 6, there have been six million downloads of content and applications made by MOSH users, with over 80 percent of them being made over mobile networks. In the release, Nokia reiterates the point that MOSH content is not Nokia-specific and can be consumed on any device, but it does not give any details about how much of the content has been via non-Nokia handsets. No charges specified to use the service, apart from whatever data charges an mobile operator may apply. The service launches officially December 14.

Reuters (NSDQ: RTRSY) deal: In a new chapter on real-time reporting, Nokia’s been working on a program with Reuters to let journalists use mobile handsets — in the case of this trial, the N95 — to file stories immediately as they take place. The idea is that using the phone will mean more agility and less use of laptops and expensive camera equipment (and fewer people to enable filming); there is also a back-end system that formats the material to be posted on Reuters’ site. Nokia has developed a toolkit that incorporates multimedia capabilities, text editing and live video streaming. But from the pilot site it appears that the focus for now is on “multimedia” rather than text-based journalism: i.e., there are photographs and video interviews, but no text-based stories. The service is not exclusive to Reuters and Nokia says that it could have a much wider application online for any site that incorporates, for example, citizen journalism into its content. release Updated: The full toolkit description is here….pretty cool.

Other developments: In Finland, Nokia demonstrated a host of other new services, most of which have already been made public. These included, Widsets, its widget service; two services that use the phone’s camera to pick up information for searches (Point & Find) and translation services (Shoot to Translate); a demo of its mobile virtual worlds service; a re-launch of its developer-friendly Beta Labs site; and the Mobile Web Server, which lets S60 phone users convert their handsets into remote-accessible content storage devices. release