Traveling with the right accessories makes all the difference

I am back at home after a very good trip to Vegas, tired and lacking sleep as always happens when I visit the city that never sleeps.  The trip was good on a personal enjoyment level and good on a mobile tech level as I have been blogging on the trip.  Having a good trip can often depend on accessories that you bring with you, the right tools can make all the difference in the world.  Two accessories I brought with me made my trip outstanding from a tech standpoint.

V740The best accessory I took on the trip that made the biggestcontribution is easily the Verizon v740 ExpressCard modem.  Using itwith the HP 2710p was as good as having a WiFi connection everywhere Iwent.  At one point I was connected to the Verizon BroadbandAccessnetwork with the v740 and watching a football game playing on a Slingboxwhile sharing the EV-DO connection with my wife who was blogging onanother computer.  No hiccups on either device and the video qualitywas nice and clear.  Having the v740 modem meant I could quicklyconnect with high speed no matter where I was which was veryliberating.  For these reasons the v740 wins hands-down the title of"most useful accessory" I brought with me.

Monster_outlets_to_goThe second most useful accessory that accompanied me on the trip may surprise you as it’s not a techie gadget.  Have you ever been to a hotel room where the electrical outlets are limited and the one(s) there are located in hard-to-reach places?  That describes just about every hotel room I’ve ever been in which is why I brought the Monster Outlets to Go with me.  This simple accessory packs small and light yet provides four outlets in a flash.  I have used this on several trips and it never fails to pay for itself as I am always assured of sufficient outlets to plug in all my gear.  I love this unit and heartily recommend it to anyone who travels with gadgets.

So there you have my list of the most useful accessories that made my trip enjoyable and fruitful.  Of course the best thing I brought with me is the HP 2710p but this is just an accessory list.  What accessories do you travel with that you couldn’t do without?