Vid-Biz: Netflix, AT&T, Next New

Lower Prices Boost Netflix Earnings; online movie rental provider dropped prices by $1 and blew past Q3 expectations while adding 286,000 subs; company also said it’s exploring direct download opportunities with DVD and game console makers. (LA Times; Reuters)

AT&T IPTV Subscriptions Growing; company’s embattled U-verse service now has 126,000 subscribers. (PaidContent)

Next New Networks Announces Distribution Partners; niche video content creator signs a host of deals with companies including YouTube, TiVo,, Joost and Veoh. NNN also launched the new show Ultra Kawaii devoted to the cutest pets on the planet. (MediaWeek; Ultra Kawaii)

Create Custom Ads with AditAll; service offers stock video footage for companies to customize with their logos, voice-overs and info. (Mashable)

Joost Gets its Mojo; P2P service getting content from the HD channel for men including shows Three Sheets, After Hours with Daniel, King of Miami and Uncorked with Billy Merritt. (emailed release)