India Is Number One Market For Nokia’s Mosh

George Linardos, Head of Mosh, Nokia’s (NYSE: NOK) Internet and mobile social networking site, tells Reuters that “Our number one market has been India, by pretty overwhelming degree”. The site, accessible via GPRS, allows users to share audio, video, programs, documents, and sure enough, there are Hindi movie ringtones available on the site. Linardos claims that four out of five users are accessing via the handset.

When I first accessed Mosh, the full site opened up in the mobile browser – not an ideal scenario. Would have preferred that it detected the handset redirect to the mobile version automatically, or allowed me to download the application (available at The Mosh application (273kb) itself only links to functions (Upload, Search, Browse, Stats) on the site accessible via the browser – it doesn’t fetch content and display it within the application. Interestingly, Mosh allows users to download content without registering…so while Reuters (NSDQ: RTRSY) story says that more than 6 million people have logged on to download content from Mosh, the site itself has only 49300 registered users.

Frankly, if I want to use a social network on the mobile, I’ll stick to the mobile version of Facebook ( via GPRS, for the uninitiated), which I actually find much more usable than its now overcrowded and not particularly usable Internet version.