Talk To The Facebook: SpinVox Adds Social Nets, Plans Advertising Support

SpinVox, the Buckinghamshire-based speech-to-text mobile-and-web service, today adds Facebook, Jaiku and Twitter to the sites users can control using their voice. The outfit in February let people post to LiveJournal, Vox and Blogger blogs by speaking in to their phone. The company claims nearly six million users. As part of some big changes to its service, in the last week, SpinVox offers voice-to-SMS and it hired Google (NSDQ: GOOG) EMEA’s corporate communications and public affairs manager Ema Lineker across as global PR director. Reuters: “(CEO Christina Domecq) said SpinVox would initially offer the service for free, but she would not say how much it may eventually charge. She said SpinVox, which now generates revenue by charging service providers a flat fee for every conversion, would probably add an advertising element.” Facebook yesterday said apps would be able to use its own SMS services.