Tricks and Treats for Halloween

You knew it was coming. We couldn’t let Halloween pass us by without a few pieces of sweet (yet evil!) online video candy to toss your way.

First off, if you don’t know what to dress up as yet, the boys at Indy Mogul can show you how to make a swamp thing monster for under $35. Swamps not your style? Try a zombie, werewolf, or just tear off a limb.

Some say the best part of this year’s Grindhouse double feature was the fake horror trailers. If you couldn’t get enough of those either, then you’ll love Trailers from Hell, which features classic movie promos. Here, the director of Shaun of the Dead (and the trailer for Don’t in Grindhouse) talks about the trailer for the Italian horror film Suspiria.

And finally, Ray Wise — made famous by playing Leland Palmer in Twin Peaks — is enjoying a bit of a comeback. He stars as the devil in the TV show Reaper on The CW network, and he’s a demon hunter (of sorts) in the indie online horror comedy Hellholes on AtomFilms (disclosure, I used to work there). He plays Professor Klum, who tries to save a poor schlub who’s trailer park home is a gateway to hell.

And if these lighthearted takes on horror don’t have enough bite, check out some of the horror series we’ve written about before, like the Sam Raimi-produced Devil’s Trade.