Update on earlier Absolute / Laplink post

Just a quick note on a post we ran early this morning regarding Absolute’s Computrace LoJack and Laplink’s PCsync & PCmover software. The information for that post was provided to me via e-mail in the form of a press release. It looked interesting from a mobile technology perspective, so I shared the information as I would with any news I feel our readers would benefit from.Late this afternoon, I was contacted by a Laplink representative and asked to pull the post. Apparently, the press release went out early and it’s possible there could be changes to the information provided. While the press release wasn’t under any NDA or embargo, I have pulled the post as I believe it’s the right thing to do in the case of an inadvertent accident such as this. I know I’ve hit the “Send” button too early more than once, so I hope you can understand and respect the decision to pull the post. It’s a very rare circumstance to do so and one we don’t take lightly here at jkOTR. As always, we thank you for reading and hope you find continued value here.