Verizon Voyager specs: QVGA recording, dual 400 x 240 displays

Lgvoyagervx1000verizonIf our web stats are any indication, I’d say that the Verizon Voyager is one hot little number. Our story with hands-on video is one of the top recent posts and at last check, the video sneak-peek had around 25,000 views on YouTube. Since we caught the Voyager news so early, there was a fair amount of information we just didn’t have, especially in the specification department. Looks like Phonenews has the official PDF with all of the deets.Among some of the more interesting features that we were asked about:

  • Both internal and external displays are 400 x 240 resolution; only the outer screen is a touchscreen.
  • Yes, the Voyager will record video with the camera: up to an hour of video can be shot and stored in either 320 x 240 or 176 x 144 resolution
  • Talk time is rated for 240 minutes, standby for 480 hours
  • There is a one-touch speakerphone button, but in what I think is a questionable design choice, it’s on the internal keyboard.

(via Mobility Site)