OpenSocial Advertising for All!

[qi:010] MySpace has signed on to OpenSocial, bringing to its 100-plus million users the wonders of mini social applications à la Facebook F8. MySpace (NWS) already announced plans to open their platforms to third-party developers, but the Google (GOOG) connection comes as a bit of a surprise.

Social media standards pioneer Dave Winer says, “Google has a long way to go to build the base of users and developers connected using the new protocols that is the subject of all this chest-thumping” and calls it a tech PR war. That it is, though it could have far-reaching effects on the web. Most tech standards efforts come to nothing, but if Google is successful in getting many big and little social nets speaking one language internally, it may not be too long before they start discussing amongst themselves, too.

That’s both happy and sad for the users, who may finally get their longed-for universal online social graph at the same time they open themselves up to constant and intrusive socially-based advertising.