William Spencer: From YouTube to MTV

SCOOP: The next time I hear yet another person whine about YouTube being only for home videos of cats flushing toilets and kids skateboarding, I’ll know how to respond. William Spencer, a kid from Colorado, has signed a deal to develop a skateboarding stunt series based on his clips on YouTube for MTV, according to our sources.


It’s the best example we’ve heard yet of a YouTube-to-TV success story; a guy gets picked up to do exactly what he does on YouTube — no changing his act, no guest roles on an existing show, no hosting a online clip show — on a major cable network. The deal was brokered by talent agency ICM, we’re told, which took Spencer as a client after finding him on YouTube.

Spencer has won a following for his undeniable talent and creative tricks — see the video embedded below where he jumps off buildings onto a skateboard, skates over cars, up walls, and onto other skateboards. Multiple people described it to us as parkour meets skateboarding.

The show, currently being called Hollarado (holla + Colorado), is in the process of being cast in Colorado, and is supposed to air next year. It will follow Spencer and a cast of friends as they challenge each other to perform better and crazier stunts.

We haven’t received an official comment from MTV yet, and will add to the story if we hear back.