The Final Countdown to NewTeeVee Live

Today has been one of the busiest news days in a long, long time. And it has been so much fun — chasing things down, juggling the phones and reporting while blogging. This pressure-cooker existence is going to be part of my life for the next 10 days as well, as we lead into NewTeeVee Live, our conference about the business and future of online video that is being held on Nov. 14 here in San Francisco.
We’ve added more speakers to the list since the last time I wrote about the conference. We are kicking off the event with a chat with Mika Salmi, president of global digital media at MTV Networks. Salmi, as you may know, was the founder of Atom Entertainment, an early digital entertainment company (full bio here). YouTube co-founder Steve Chen (bio) is joining us for a chat as well; we will discuss the future of video, and of course I am going to give him a weight update. (For the record, down 22 pounds, another 18 to go.)
The full schedule for the day-long event is here. The evening festivities include a “Family Feud”-style game show featuring some of the top online video personalities. This should be a ton of fun. The entire event is going to be streamed live, and lots of video content is going to be put online. If you are interested in attending the event, we still have a few tickets left.
Hope to see you at NewTeeVee Live! And of course, here on the blog with new stuff. I am going to interview Fake Steve Jobs tomorrow for The GigaOM Show. Any questions for the Prince of Parody?