Number Portability Comes To VoIP, Vonage Worried?

[qi:086] Vonage (VG) reported its third-quarter earnings today — ho-hum; much of it was bad news we already knew about. They have settled their legal problems with AT&T (T) as well, and so now the company can focus on the future. Vonage founder Jeffrey Citron told Reuters that his focus is going to be addressing customer complaints and improving customer service. Excellent idea, Jeffrey and we support you in this rebuilding of your company.
Because if you don’t, then now your customers can take their Vonage number and go elsewhere. That’s right, the FCC has approved the long rumored “number portability” for VoIP services. I, for one, am about to take one of my VoIP accounts (non-Vonage) and switch it to wireless. A lot of consumers complained about the lack of number portablity when Sun Rocket shut down.