Skype 2.0 beta for Linux adds video, penguins dance with joy

Skypelinux_videoI caught word of this the other day from Brad, but it’s now official. Well, as official as a beta can be anyway. Skype 2.0 for Linux brings the free communications software closer to parity with its Windows and Mac counterparts. The biggest addition, and one that Linux users have wanted for over a year or two, is support for video calls. When Brad told me about it, I gave it a go on the Eee and aside from manually having to start the webcam, the call quality was pretty good. James and I tested it yesterday afternoon and the only difference he saw was that my picture was a lower quality when compared to calls on a Mac or PC. That’s likely due to the meager .3-megapixel camera on the Eee more-so than any deficiency in Skype. Have at it mobile penguins, you can get the download right here.