Weekend Reader – Communities, Rules & Privacy

Yet Another Choice for Projects – Clarizen offers on-demand collaborative online project management. One of their twists is that they allow sending and receiving progress updates via email, so you don’t need to buy a seat for every team member involved in project.
The “Community” Part is Still Coming – Right now Office Live Workspace Community is primarily a group blog from the folks at Microsoft involved with Office Live Workspace, the online adjunct to Office. But they say they also want it to become a hub of activity involving their users, and they’re looking for suggestions on how best to implement that.
The New Face of Social Networking – That’s what Raxxle promises to deliver. They’re offering facial recognition to match up member photos with each other and with celebrities, and other “innovative tools and features.” Taking beta signups now if you’re moved by that pitch.
The (Un)-Rules – If you’ve ever had to try to get a participatory workshop going in the face of participants who thought they were there just to be spectators, this whiteboard from WWD contributor Stephen Collins could come in handy. Sometimes you just need to nudge people out of their complacency zone.
Nobody Likes a Gossip – The (un)privacy implications of Facebook’s new “Beacon” advertising platform are starting to sink in, and some folks are not very happy about them.  Om Malik is calling for a boycott of Facebook partners until this is resolved, while Nate Weiner has figured out how to use a Firefox plugin to block information from being sent to Beacon in the first place.