Are you using Google Web History to recall search data?

GooglesearchhistoryI was just sharing some digital video tips with James that I found over the weekend, but I couldn’t remember exactly what page I wanted to share with him. I had recently cleared my local web history, so that didn’t help. Then I realized that I was Googling for the info on Saturday, so I logged into my Google account and used the Web Search History feature. Sure enough, my search strings and the results pages were right there. I also noticed a fun little graph of my search trends. With all that searching this year, you’d think I was lost!Just thought to mention Google’s personalized web history, which can come in handy, especially if you’re mobile. The data is kept on Google’s servers, so it doesn’t matter what device you’re using if you need the info. Hey, we all know they’re using our data; we might as well use it too. 😉