Google & Yahoo Finally Get The Memo: Email Is The Social Environment.

[qi:034] Over on The New York Times’ Bits Blog, Saul Hansell writes that both Google and Yahoo are thinking about using email as a backbone of a social environment. About time, is what I would like to say, and what took you so long, for crying out loud.
I had talked about this very same concept back in September: Is Email The Ultimate Social Environment? While Yahoo and Google are still talking about it, one start-up, Xoopit has already done it, and another one, Xobni, is well on its way to making that a reality.
While it is great to hear what Yahoo and Google want to turn email-into-a-social-environement, I won’t hold my breath to see something happen. Yahoo, apparently had plans to make email social a while ago, but tossed out the idea. So why would this time be any different? Yahoo and Google seem to have good intentions, but they would be better if backed by hard facts: like when will these features actually materialize for real!