When the BlackBerry dies, the addiction is fully felt

BbThere have been a lot of jokes about "crackberries", those users totally addicted to their BlackBerry smartphone.  This addiction can be extended to other smartphones as well as users of them can easily attest.  Most BlackBerry users will not admit to an addiction to being always connected, at least not until the BlackBerry goes away.  That’s what happened to attorney Eric Sinrod who recently had his BlackBerry suffer a debilitating hardware failure and he was forced to live without it for a few days.  He’s written about the experience on CNET and his account makes it easy to see how other crackberries suffer when forced withdrawal is the name of the game.

Without my PDA, I once again was stuck at my desk and was missing outon other parts of my life. With the BlackBerry, I am able to go to mykids’ volleyball matches and Irish stepdancing competitions. True, I doI tend to use my PDA when there are lulls, but at least having thedevice allows me to be out of the office to attend these events whilenot falling behind.