Jajah, Jangl Team Up. No Not Like That

Back in 2006 a whole crop of VoIP app companies cropped up, each one trying to figure out how they can make a business out of voice, including in-fashion, if pointless forays such as embeddable widgets for social networks. One had to look really hard to find any difference. Their record so far is no different than that of baseball team, Tampa Bay Rays.Things are no different for those who are chasing Facebook elixir.
At least two of the companies are coming to their senses, and teaming up to focus on what they are good at: Jajah on its telephony platform and Jangl on social apps. As part of the deal, Jangl will start using Jajah’s telephony infrastructure, long distance and click-to-call features. Jangl, on the other hand will focus on developing social apps using voice, including some new services for its customers in the online dating business.
“We were going to build a click-to-call service, but since they already have that, and a billing infrastructure, it makes sense to partner with them,” said Michael Cerda, CEO of Jangl. He was candid and admitted that focusing “on stuff that a company is not good at can prove to be distracting and counterproductive.”
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Disclosure: Jangl is an advertiser on The GigaOM Show.