WWD Coffee Break – Cards, Androids & Fancy Mice

But Will it Ever Exit Beta? – Zoho Writer rolled out a round of upgrades recently: pagination support, headers and footers, and spell checking in 43 languages lead the pack. They’ve also reworked their import and export code and added email notification for comments on public documents. Unlike some online word processors, Zoho seems determined to implement as many features as desktop products eventually.
‘Tis the Season – MOO, the folks whose custom MiniCards have become the de rigeur Web 2.0 replacement for boring old business cards, have branched out into other products including custom greeting cards. $19.99 gets you ten cards, and of course each one can have a different image. Order two packs, use promo code XUTWN5, and get free shipping with that.
That Didn’t Take Long – Funambol, who make a variety of open source messaging software, have announced a new open source project to develop a Funambol messaging and sync client for Google Android. I guess if they start writing it now they might have somewhere to deploy it by the time they’re done.
Sometimes Simple is Enough – If you just want to send and track invitations for an event, try Invitastic. It doesn’t do project planning, store photos, dial phones, or do anything but send invitations and handle RSVPs for you. But to come up with a guest count, what else do you need?
Two Mints in One – The new Microsoft Mobile Memory Mouse 8000 (say that three times fast!) combines a cordless notebook mouse with a 1GB flash drive built into the USB transceiver. This effectively conserves scarce USB ports on some laptops, though I imagine there will be perplexed users who unplug the drive and wonder why their mouse stops working.
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