ITV Launches First Made-For-Mobile Show

UK broadcaster ITV (LSE: ITV) has launched its first made-for-mobile show, dubbed The Hot Desk. The two-minute episodes will be hosted by Nicole Appleton and Melanie Blatt (from the band All Saints) and Dave Berry and Emma Griffiths from music show T4, and will involve interviews with celebrity friends and contacts at movie premieres, parties, launches and backstage at gigs — with the “twist” being that wherever the interview is, it will be conducted at a big, sturdy desk. The first show is an interview with Oasis member Liam Gallagher in Hampstead Heath…The Guardian has the video up. The shows will be free from ITV’s mobile site, supported by ads which appear to be post-roll. There’s 140 interviews lined up, so ITV is clearly banking on the show being around for a while. From what people have been saying, celebrity shows do very well on mobiles.