How Amazon Could Kindle Some Interest in E-books

[qi:038] Wouldn’t it have been cool if Amazon built an e-book reader so inexpensive they could almost give it away for free, then make money by selling e-books for people to read on it (or selling upscale versions of the reader later)? Instead, they stuffed it so full of technological wizardry that it costs $399.
Most people have no idea if they’d really like to use an e-book reader or not. It may be something you just have to experience to grasp. But who’s going to experiment with electronic book reading when the price of entry is so high?
Newsweek’s Steven Levy reports that the Kindle goes 30 hours on a single charge, stores 200 books, and uses wireless connectivity based on EVDO so it operates completely independently of a PC. All cool, but not as cool as an e-book reader that demands only a small commitment of cash. An inexpensive Amazon-branded e-book reader could have been the star of this holiday season.
Disclosure: Our RSS feed is part of the Kindle device, and we are under NDA to comment about its features. We are going to wait till that NDA comes off. Newsweek has pretty much all the feature details in case you are interested. – Om