Broadband Content Bits:, Express & Star Video

CNET: So that’s what the new multimedia headquarters on London’s South Bank was for! CNET (NSDQ: CNET) today launches a new video portal,, aggregating existing video material and housing new shows on music, film, games and cars. Biz dev director Geoff Inns tells the site both “rivals” and “complements” “mainstream TV”. HP is a lunch sponsor for the first couple of months. The videos are nice and big and you can subscribe as podcasts (or just watch on YouTube). With brands like Five’s Gadget Show and now Shiny Shiny finding success in the genre, there seems plenty of room for such a project.
Express & Star: Even a regional can do great online video. The especially tech-savvy Express & Star of Wolverhampton has started a video-centric weekend soccer news website, Sporting Star Live, including bulletins with squad news, half-time and full-time scores and reporters’ analysis, as well as text goal and booking alerts. Video bulletins start at 6pm on Friday, before Saturday starts with a 2.45pm team news update, then half-time dispatches from reporters around the grounds. The Express & Star here is doing plenty to reinvent the flagging pink ‘uns. Via HoldTheFrontPage.