Ofcom Stats Tome Chronicles Digital Media Take-Up

Nearly nine out of 10 households in the UK choose broadband to connect to the Internet, according to Ofcom’s second annual Consumer Experience study. The regulator’s 153-page tome is an exhaustive account of how customers have fared over the last year in the telecoms, internet and digital broadcasting markets. The overall sector has performed well, with strong uptake across all the services. But as competitors pile into the market, prices that consumers are paying are falling. Tons of charts and statistics here. Highlights include:
– Internet take-up continues to grow, reaching 72 percent of the population in Q2 2007.
– In terms of broadband availability, ADSL dominates the market, covering 99 percent of the country as opposed to cable which covers 46 percent.
– Over half of consumers (58 percent) are aware that they can make calls over the internet, but only one in twelve consumers have ever used VoIP services and nine percent currently use these services.
– Mobile penetration stands at 92 percent; fixed-line penetration at 89 percent. For the first time, households with mobiles over took the percentage of households with fixed lines.
– The UK has one of the higher take-up rates of mobile services in the world