NTV Live Video Recap: Crossover Hits Panel

For the first panel at our NewTeeVee Live conference, JibJab co-founder Gregg Spiridellis led a spirited conversation between Douglas Cheney of Big Fantastic, Kevin Cohen of Turner Broadcasting System, Lisa Donovan of LisaNova, Ty Ahmad-Taylor of MTV Networks, and Gary Wang of Tudou.
Part 1:

Part 2:

Read our liveblog account here. The panel was also covered by Ypulse and last100.
Natalie Fonseca of last100 contrasted Ahmad-Taylor’s and Cohen’s rhetoric:

[Ahmad-Taylor] believes that companies, including his own, who don’t make their content easily available to their customers are sending a message to users to steal the stuff. Which is one of the reasons MTV created a Facebook app to allow fans to watch videos and dedicate them to friends on the platform — i.e. where they are.

Not everyone is ready for such bold talk though. Another panelist, Kevin Cohen of Turner Broadcasting System, said that his company is still finding about 25,000 clips a day from their Adult Swim network on YouTube, and TBS is exploring filtering options to prevent the authorized clips from being uploaded.

Remember MTV parent Viacom is the one suing YouTube, though!
See our previous coverage of Donovan getting a TV gig and being caught up in controversy for allegedly inflating her view numbers on YouTube. Earlier this month we published a Q&A with Wang on the impressive story of Tudou. We have also written about Spiridellis and JibJab a number of times, most recently for its fundraising and mashup projects.