Turkey Day Vid Picks

The GigaOM team would like to wish you and yours a happy and healthy Thanksgiving. If you’re looking for something to do while all that tryptophan wears off, feast your eyes on this smörgåsbord of Thanksgiving-related videos. Bon appétit!
How to make a Turducken

A turducken is a chicken inside a duck inside a turkey. A trio of delicious fowl filled with stuffing. If that doesn’t explain it for you, check out Ethan’s Turkducken Song, recently featured on YouTube’s homepage.
The Story of Thanksgiving

Time travel + Thanksgiving + Michael Moore + Dick Cheney = quasi-offensive, animated, revisionist Guns, Germs, and Steel.
It’s JerryTime’s Thanksgiving Special: The Gobbler

It’s Jerry Time delivers a strange, Picasso-esque turkey tale.
Ze Frank “Thanksgiving”

Ze is back with weekly WGA strike updates but let’s not forget the daily affirmations and commentary he offered us a mere year ago. Ze’s Thanksgiving guide is chock full of family-themed holiday survival tips.
I still feel bad for not including The Vlog Brothers, from John and Hank Green, in my original In Ze’s Shadow post, especially because I read Hank’s EcoGeek blog daily now. So, for your fraternal Thanksgiving pleasure, I bring you their Turkey Day communiques.
November 20th: A White Thanksgiving

November 21st: What I’m Grateful For