Windows SideShow SDK hints at Windows Mobile, but what for?

Windows_mobile_sideshow_displayI know we’ve made the obvious observation before: why not have the ability to use a Windows Mobile device as a Windows SideShow display? Sounds like it’s a possibility based on a new SDK beta for SideShow programmers found by Arne Hess over the::unwired. Inclusion of the following feature makes all of this a real possibility:

  • Support for QVGA displays in portrait mode
  • USB and Bluetooth driver support

Granted, this could just mean we’ll see more integrated or other standalone SideShow displays, but as Arne points out, most Windows Mobile devices have the QVGA, USB and/or Bluetooth support available for use with the SDK. In the Windows eco-system, it only makes sense to start getting the various platforms and feature-sets working together. SideShow support in Windows Mobile could actually benefit both Vista and WinMo and I hope we see this become a reality. At this point, my observation is that SideShow is a barely used function, but this development could have a positive impact. Part of me wonders though: what data from your computer would you want to see on a Windows Mobile device? You already have near-instant access to mail, appointments and PIM data. Thoughts for use?