Broadband Content Bits: Virgin Ad Merger, BBC Redesign

Virgin Media: The TV/broadband/telco provider is merging its online and interactive TV ad sales units – with 12 and 86 people respectively – to serve agency demand for multi-platform campaigns, Media Week says. It means Virgin will sell ads across its website and TV platform together.
BBC 2.0: Is this the new BBC homepage? The corporation is planning to overhaul its main presence, as part of the so-called “BBC 2.0” plan first mooted in a speech back in March 2006 to reintroduce personalisation, add peer recommendation and enhanced meta data. The picture behind the link was smuggled out of BarCampLondon 3 at Google (NSDQ: GOOG) HQ over the weekend – whilst it includes the customisation option, there are as yet few major departures and the design is exceedingly retro.