Redesigns; Magazine Relaunch Imminent has redesigned its site, emphasizing the magazine and the brand much more than what it was/became under the umbrella. It is a very clean looking redesign, with only a top network-band giving any hint of it being part of CNNMoney sites (and then URL redirects to, so that makes it clear).
This comes as Fortune magazine is readying to launch its big print redesign in December or Jan. Some parts of bringing-the-big-brands-back strategy were hinted by Ann Moore, CEO of Time Inc, when she spoke to us around our FOBM conference last month: “What happened is we took the emphasis off the brands…it seemed crazy not to re-establish the power of these brands. We put in a new management team in place now.” Also, since Fortune absorbed a lot of Business 2.0 journalists, it now has expanded online daily coverage on Fortune site.