Can a Green Shop Get Noticed Today?

springstar_logo.gif I’m working my fanny off in a green company called SpringStar. We’re focused on pesticide-free pest management. We’re not a start-up. We’ve been around since 1998, but a year ago we re-energized, changed management, etc. Today we’re using insect communications to lure and trap pests, confuse them so they don’t reproduce, or just to repel them. It’s neat stuff, high-tech chemistry and electronics brought to bear with patentable IP, etc.
Our trouble is: getting heard amid the din of ‘green’ pronouncements about energy deals these days.
Let’s be honest, most [green startups] may be sexy today but aren’t going to do much to help global warming or energy independence — and few can stand on their own feet economically without huge taxpayer subsidies.
SpringStar has market viability: people will die this year because of insects, insect-borne diseases, and the pesticides used to attempt to control them. Our stuff works. We are slowly building market share at the retail level, while we work on some cool applications for agriculture and professional pest control.
But our web site stinks (for now) and we don’t have the budget (yet) for professional media/PR firms. So my…

Found|READ Question of the Day is:
With money tight and so much hype in the ‘green market,’ how can I get SpringStar noticed?