WWD Coffee Break – Facebook sales, Interviewing & PDFs

Monetizing Facebook – While Facebook rolls out their own “Beacon” ad system to try to justify that $15 Billion valuation, others are trying to figure out how to make money off of all those eyeballs as well. One ambitious project is RadicalBuy, which plans to build a direct sales system with commissions on top of Facebook and other social networks. Ebay of the next decade? Maybe so.
Brush up Your Interview Skills – That’s the premise of NextJob101 , a site with a whole library of video-based training on how to respond to common interview situations. You can view some samples for free, but to make full use of the site you’ll need to sign up at  $29.95 for 3 months.
Free Screen Capture Software – If you’re on Windows, Digital Inspiration has the details on how you can get a copy of the fancy screen-cap application SnagIt for free. The catch? It’s not the most current version; developer TechSmith is hoping you’ll become an upgrading (and paying) customer.
PDF Editing on the Cheap – DeskUNPDF  converts Adobe Acrobat documents to a variety of other formats including .doc, .odt, and HTML, so you can then edit them with tools you already have hanging around. With pricing starting at $39.95, it’s less expensive than buying Acrobat itself if you only need to do occasional touchups. Of course the results are no longer in PDF format but they have a DeskPDF application to go in the other direction too.
The Librarian of the Internet – That’s the ambition of  findingDulcinea, a new-in-beta site that offers guides to information around the Internet. They combine original writing with links, summaries, video, audio, and blogging to try to cut through random search engine results and bring only useful information to the fore – seems like About.com 2.0 to me.